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What Can Be Done to Bring Black People Around the Globe Closer Together?
In Grown Folks Business
Rayco War
Apr 01, 2021
When I see a BROWNskinned person on the street, first being VERY cognizant of thee FACT that, though we LOOK similar, ALL ARE NOT AFRIKAN (LOTS are Native American), I do not see ANY "tribe". As for "nationality.....same difference. Also I feel that it is HIGHLY DISrespectful to ASSUME anything about anyone! Now, back to "Nationality".... I know FACTUALLY that folk DON'T know thee difference between RACE, ETHNICITY and NATIONALITY! But I'll briefly touch it. First, a "nationality" is WHERE ONE IS BORN...NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS!!!! Has NOTHING to do with LOOK, SKIN, HERITAGE, TRIBE, DNA! "Ethnicity" is THEE one that has EVERYTHING to do with one's LOOK, HERITAGE, TRIBE, DNA! Case in point, although MANY folk are AFRIKAN, however, their DNA specifies their ETHNIC GROUP a.k.a TRIBE! Every tribe has it's own heritage, culture and even look. Thee "RACE" argument is debatable. On planet earth, there is "allegedly" ONE race....HUMAN! So there you have it. As for bringing BROWN skinned folk together.....until ALL identify under ONE BANNER, it will NEVER HAPPEN!😢 But here's a few suggestions: 1. Eliminate ALL mentions of thee SLAVE TERM, "NEGRO",which translates to thee CRAYOLA CRAYON "blaec", which in English, Actually & Factually means DEVOID of COLOR, PALE. 2. As thee Native American, he has different TRIBAL NAMES, however, COLLECTIVELY he is a NATIVE AMERICAN, with HIS OWN FLAG or FLAGS! Collectively, BROWNskinned folk need to BECOME A NATION or adopt a NATION....that has A FLAG...that is represented in the UNITED NATIONS! This CRAYON chit (biden word) AIN'T gon get it! To do this, a petition has to be started...100,000 signatures in 30 days, to get a response from the Whitehouse (We The People). I have thee ENTIRE process to become a NATION. By the way, ole so-called "racist" trump GRANTED TWELVE Nations in 2016 or 2017.....BECAUSE thee Natives ASKED!!! I got to run. I'll be back.

Rayco War

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