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Kioni Yakeeni got into the fashion business simply because she loves fashion. She loves how it can define and refine a person, as well as how it can alter and "lift your vibration". To her dissatisfaction, she wasn't finding that in stores and hasn't to this very day. One day, she and her sister, Pamala, was sitting around discussing some of her ideas. When her sister informed her that she had a friend who was a graphic designer, the stars aligned and lives were beginning to change. As it turns out, that friend was also a fashion designer who worked with a few high profile clients. Kioni says, "Spirit gave her the name of the company, my sister became acting CFO and my sister's friend created our logo and together we all got the company up and running." Success for OM-Mazing Creations is measured by the small victories and by maintaining the company's integrity, authenticity and simplicity. OM-Mazing Creations is about people, great customer service, creativity and a refusal to be a homogenized brand solely interested in profit margins.

If you're looking for a trendy and unique apparel company, look no further. OM-Mazing Creations is an online retail apparel company who's products are for everyone especially the "fashion renegades". These are people typically 30 & older, who know themselves and have their own ideas of style or what looks good, not because it is a current fad. Kioni firmly states, "Though we're in the business of fashion, we're not of the business of fashion", meaning they're not driven by the size people think they should be, but the size you are. As for the apparel, OM-Mazing Creations "celebrates the individual whether you are thick or thin". The company expects their customers to feel like they own any room that they walk into and elicit responses like, "Where did you get that outfit from?".

Kioni says, that "When I recite our core motto, You are OM-Mazing!, understand that it is not just a gimmick or catch phrase. I truly mean it. The uniqueness of who you are is what makes us what we are. You're made of the Cosmos, a Divine Masterpiece, and to me, that never ceases to be OM-Mazing." To view or purchase their apparel, please go to

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