I'll Have the Lamb Chop

Updated: Dec 10, 2018

I decided to take a trip to the supermarket to give me some ideas of what to prepare for dinner. As I browsed the aisles eyeing all the different foods, flavoring and spices, I found myself in the fresh cut meats department. This market had a vast selection of fresh meats that could please even the most finicky person. The chicken section showed many selections of breasts, legs and thighs. Some were large, some small but all pleasing to the eyes. The next section was the other white meat. The pork section boasted a large selection of chops, loins, roasts and traditional breakfast meats. This was definitely not my idea of the ideal meal. The beef section had many cuts of steak, roast, and ground beef. I wasn’t too much into beef, but none the less it was an attractive selection of meat. Nothing special really caught my eye so I was still undecided. Feeling a little discourage, I decided to leave the market and maybe try something exotic. As I was leaving the meat section, I spotted something I’d never had before. It was different from the rest. I walked over to the shelf and there was this solitary package of lamb chops. The lamb chops were wrapped in a rather attractive package. Compared to the other meats, it was rather light and petite. I thought to myself, I’d like to take this home with me tonight.

After purchasing the lamb chop, I decided to get some wine to compliment a very delicious meal. When I entered the wine shop, I was overwhelmed by the many types of wines available. Although not an expert at choosing wines, you would say that I’m a very great expert at eating and I couldn’t wait to taste this lamb chop. I sought assistance and subsequently selected a nice forty-four year old bottle of light red wine. I was offered a sample of this particular wine. It had a very savory aroma so I was delighted to sampled its sweet flavor just a little to wet my appetite. I couldn’t wait to really take in this sweet beautifully aged wine.

When I arrived at my home, I decided that if it was going to be a special meal, I had better add a special creative touch. I carefully and slowly freed the lamb chop from its beautiful wrapping. I made special care not to bruise it because I could tell it was already tender as it lay naked before me. This special meat was already well seasoned to perfection. I laid the lamb chop gently down inside the baking dish. I had already decided to combine this delicate lamb chop with this sweet red, beautifully aged forty-four year old fine wine. I marinated the lamb chop with the fine wine and let the lamb chop soak in all its intoxicating goodness. Later, I placed it in the oven and waited for what seemed like an eternity.

While the lamb chop was cooking, I could smell the savory flavor of this magnificent combination of fine wine and tender meat. It took all I had not to remove it from the oven prematurely and devour every ounce of it. I patiently waited. I have patience. I know that soon I’ll be enjoying this juicy lamb chop. The time had finally come. I removed the juicy lamb chop from the oven and onto my plate. In all this time I had forgotten to prepare side dishes! No need for side dishes. I enjoyed seeing this juicy, sweet smelling lamb chop lying before me waiting to be devoured. Before I took my first sample of this lamb chop, I paused for a moment to take in the delicious aroma. It had an irresistible mouth watering aroma. I was pleased to know that this delectable, juicy lamb chop was perfected with the combination of the sweet, red, forty-four year old fine wine. Finally I couldn’t wait any longer and took my first bite of this tasty meat. Its flesh was juicy, soft and perfectly seasoned. The juices glazed my lips. With the lamb chop in my mouth, I slowly moved the lamb chop around with my tongue hoping to make the flavor last. Each piece was slowing eaten, chewing, biting, sucking and tasting every morsel. I knew when I first laid eyes on this lamb chop that it would be something special and it did not disappoint. I was determined to enjoy every ounce of this tasty lamb chop. After slowly devouring the lamb chop’s tasty flesh, I sucked every ounce of its juice till there was none left. I sat there with undeniable satisfaction. Soon satisfaction was overtaken by sadness. This delectable, juicy lamb chop that marinated in the forty-four year old fine red wine was gone. I want more. I need more.

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