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Myla Black began her entrepreneurial career five years ago while as an active duty military member. Based in Richlands, NC, CocoHush LLC was relaunched in March of 2018. CocoHush LLC, is recognized worldwide through popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram. "Cocohush is for anyone who trusts and believes in the power of plants, herbs and crystals given to us by this planet." Myra adds with a laugh, "even the skeptics".

Customers can expect a variety of handcrafted beauty and wellness products which include Whipped Shea Butter, Sugar Scrub, Herbal Spiritual Bath Bombs, Colored Bath Bombs, Elderberry Syrup, Herbal Detox Tea packages, Healing Crystal Boxes, and Copper Wrapped Healing Crystal Jewelry (rings, bracelets, pendants). Mostly wild crafted or organic ingredients are used in all of her products and she only works with the raw forms of healing crystals for their energy properties. Myla stresses that the integrity of her products are very important to her and her brand. When asked what does she hope customers will get from her products, she responds, "My hope is that when people purchase any CocoHush product from me, that it helps them become a greater version of themselves no matter if it is mentally, physically, or spiritually." Integrity is the most important thing to CocoHush when it comes to product quality and customer service. CocoHush is constantly evolving and improving to enhance customer satisfaction.

Myla's inspiration for starting CocoHush came from her passion for being of service to others. She figured the best way to be of service to others was by helping them enhance their quality of life through holistic health. Holistic health comes from the idea that healing is most effective when considering the whole body instead of specific illnesses and symptoms. In the early days of her career, she first started with body butter and sugar scrub and expanded by creating more products which has helped people more than she could have anticipated. Myra was able to do that by observing people around her and through holistic health studies.

Myla's success is measured through the many people she is able to inspire to take a deeper look into their own health on a holistic level, and fully learn to "innerstand the language it speaks." She gets confirmation that she is on the right path and doing her "life's work, walking in my purpose" as she proudly puts it.

Expect to see more of CocoHush in the future. Inquiring minds and customers can go to Instagram @Queen_Goddess_Black, or on Facebook, CocoHush LLC for questions, more information or to purchase products. Feel free to contact her directly via Facebook messenger and look out for the company website in the near future.

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