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Hue Cafe and Apothecary, A Vegan Restaurant That Will Surprise!


Our team at the House of Otem will always try out new establishments, evaluate the food, decor, atmosphere, customer service, and uniqueness. Out of fairness, we try to report our experiences without giving a recommendation.


We discovered a new vegan restaurant called Hue Cafe & Apothecary located at 10210 S. Dolfield Road in Owings Mills, Maryland. I'm not much into "vegan food", or any food that is a substitute for the real thing. However, I try to be optimistic about trying new foods, or experiences. We were certainly in for a surprise.

The Food.
To start off, we ordered the Hue Wings, Street Taco Box, black garlic mac, savory greens, banana pudding, and Lady Hibiscus Tea.  It all sounds good, but what does it look like and more importantly, how does it taste?  Let's start with the Hue wings. The "wings", made of cauliflower were breaded, deep fried with a flavorful light sweet & tangy sauce.  With the skyrocketing price of chicken wings, I could easily ditch buffalo wings for this dish.  The Street Taco Box with Chesapeake shrimp flavor was equally delicious. The box came with two grilled flour tortillas, was stacked with fresh, crunchy cabbage/slaw, with a nice hint of cilantro.  The black garlic mac was good considering it was as close to real cheese as you can get.  Of course, garlic makes everything taste good.  The savory greens were just that - savory.