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Injured On The Job? Here's How We Can Help

In a blue-collar city like Baltimore, workplace injuries are bound to take place on a regular basis. Were you recently injured in a workplace accident? Amid your recovery process, you’ll have to make the call of whether hiring an attorney is part of your ideal route forward.  Here are a few tips to help you make the right decision!          

When Can One Justify Self Representation?
         You are not required to seek legal counsel after a workplace injury, but going it alone is typically inadvisable unless the case is very minor and straightforward. Unless your case meets all the following criteria, we recommend seeking an experienced attorney to serve as your ally:         


  • Your employer agrees that the injury you suffered is work related.

  • The injury is minor and requires minimal treatment.

  • You miss minimal (or zero) time at work.

  • Your insurer is readily acknowledging your requests for benefits.


You are not impacted by any pre-existing conditions that could come into play throughout the case. 


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