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A Woman of Art and Creativity

December 2021

Atlanta, Georgia is known for many things, and art will soon be one of them. Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, our featured artist, Ariies the Goddess, comes from a culturally rich and diverse background. Her family occupations include nurses, morticians, doctors, lawyers, and various business owners. Ariies' business is art. As the name says, Ariies is true to the Aries personality traits of creative, passionate, energetic, and fiercely independent.


What does her work aim to say? She says, "the work that I create says many things about me. I live by my own rules of creation, and that’s a place that no one can tell me that I’m doing anything wrong, judge, nor alter what I see." She doesn't create her art with any social, or political issues in mind.

We asked if her work commented on current social or political issues.  She responded, "It doesn’t. I don’t create with social or political issues in mind. Most businesses are branding themselves to stand out as Black Owned Business, well I am a business of color. I deal with art and feelings. Who or the energy behind who created it does not help either party."


One would wonder what inspires her to create her art? According to Ariies, her biggest influences are the strangers that inspire and push her at the same time.  She says, there are too many to name but she is very influenced by artists who do not follow the trend of others. Artist Jeremy Brown is her favorite hands down.


When asked, how have you developed your career? Ariies stated, "I’ve developed my career more so through word of mouth. I was always told to keep the passion, and the things that I create, the rest will flow effortlessly. When I paint, I post, Its gone." 


So how does she seek out opportunities, Ariies says, "I haven’t been able to step out just yet due to being busy with the things I've set in motion to reach out to a bigger audience. I’ve had various opportunities to provide art for celebrities just off of who I know, and who they know."